How Much Does Fertility Treatment Cost?

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Navigating costs

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Navigating fertility care cost

We’re here to help you navigate the cost and coverage options that may be available for your fertility journey.

Cost can vary depending on the types of procedures you and your fertility team decide are right for you. There are a variety of options available to help manage your fertility treatment costs.

Insurance coverage

Your insurance may cover all or part of your treatment. Coverage can vary based on your state and the type of insurance. Your fertility team should be able to help determine your coverage.

Contact your insurance provider if you have questions about your fertility coverage and support.

Discount and patient assistance programs
Some specialty pharmacies offer patient assistance programs. These programs partner with drug manufacturers to help deliver discounts for specific fertility drugs for eligible patients.

Specialty pharmacies are different from traditional pharmacies. They provide medications to treat highly specific and complex health needs, such as fertility issues.

They also work more closely with health care providers to educate patients about their treatments.

Fertility Treatment Coverage Options
FSA, HSA, and HRA accounts
Your employer may offer special accounts to help you save on annual medical costs including fertility treatment. These include: Flexible spending account or FSA, Health savings account or HSA, and Health reimbursement account or HRA. The money you defer to these accounts isn’t taxable.
Tax savings or discount eligibility
You can deduct unreimbursed allowable medical care expenses for the year only if that amount exceeds 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. Ask your tax professional about your eligibility for tax deductible medical treatments/procedures.
Financing options
There are other financing options available for you to explore. You can consider medical loans, grants, third party lending, or credit lines. Consider speaking to your fertility team to discuss financing options that could be helpful for your path forward.

Connect with your fertility center to discuss and determine if any additional financing options are available for you.

Fertility Treatment Cost

Questions to ask about fertility care costs

Stay informed and know the right questions to ask

We understand that cost and insurance coverage often influence telehealth appointment options, testing, and treatment decisions. Consider asking some of the following questions with your insurance provider or fertility team:

  • What is covered by my insurance?
  • What happens if my insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatment?
  • What kind of financing options are available?
  • How much are these medications out-of-pocket?
  • How much are these fertility treatments out-of-pocket?
  • When do I have to pay for my fertility treatment?
  • Do you offer financial options for treatment or have a coordinator to walk me through cost and coverage?

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